This page is dedicated to Camp Challenge, a camp for kids with cancer.

Camp Challenge is a grass roots non-profit organization dedicated to giving ill children and their siblings ages 6 through 18 a summer camp experience. Camp is open to all children who reside in Louisiana and have a form of cancer and chronic hematological disorders. These children do not have to pay for camp, it is free for all campers.

Camp Challenge is funded by donations from individuals and companies. We also receive money from various organizations that put on fund-raisers for the soul purpose of funding camp. Camp just completed it's 18th year!

"A bright light in summer till a cure for cancer is found."

Camp will be held July 26 - August 1, 2015

Go to the Applications page to find the online applications. Applications will start March 17th.

Mission Statement

"The mission of Camp Challenge is to enrich the lives of young hematology/oncology patients including, but not limited to, cancer and sickle cell disorders, their siblings and survivors by creating a week-long camping experience at no cost. Our purpose is to provide a recreational environment that is memorable, fun, empowering, safe and medically sound to help them cope with the challenges of childhood diseases and prepare them for life after illness.

Camp Challenge is a one week overnight camp program for children. The program is overseen by the Board of Director’s of Camp Challenge, Inc. Camp Challenge, Inc. works year round to secure funding and meet the needs of the camp program as well as provide activities and events throughout the year.

We are accredited by the American Camping Association and work hard throughout the year to meet and maintain the many standards set forth by them to provide a quality camp program."